Susan J

My story begins with wonderful parents who taught me of Christ the moment I arrived and every day since. They did this through their daily actions and unwavering commitment to His teachings. Today they are 81 and their service continues. I am still learning from them and the many others who fill my life or I chance upon in a passing exchange.

As I grew, I was fortunate to attend church every Sunday and sometimes during the week. There I learned of Christ’s teaching, His life and infinite sacrifice. It always made sense and I never doubted it was true.

Then in high school, my junior year, a seminary teacher asked the class, when we knew for ourselves that Jesus Christ and His divine mission were real,  when had we received our own personal witness. I considered the question, becoming anxious as I realized I had no precise  “burning bush” moment. But over and over I kept thinking, I have always known, there is never a time I didn’t know.

Two years later, as a freshman in college, a few events occurred and others since then, confirming my testimony that I have always known Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He alone atoned for the sins of all mankind. It is only by and through Him that we can be made clean to return to our heavenly home. This I know and will never doubt.


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